3D printed simulated Stump model

Usage exsamples

・For PO,PT and OT educational establishments
・For training in hospitals / companies
​・For seminars or exhibitions

G-Limb lineup 

3D-printed skeleton structure inside the model very closely replicatesactual experience with a patient.

Trans Femoral

・The softness of urethane sponge enables practice palpation for casting
・Adductor longus muscle is built in the model
・Lightweight and space-saving design with detachable contralateral
lumbar region

Trans Tibial

・Polyurethane gel replicates the texture of human soft tissue with high
・Our exclusively developed joint system creates realistic knee joint motion
・Multiple ways to hold the model using our vice adapter

Trans Radial

・Reproduce the humerus, scapula, and clavicle based on the ribcage
・Tactile sensation similar to the soft tissue of the human body using polyurethane gel

Trans Radial

・Polyurethane gel replicating the realistic texture of human
soft tissue
・coloured or uncoloured can be selected for soft tissue
・Our exclusively developed locking bar enables to lock elbow
in four different angles.

Universal Vice Adapter

Using the universal vice adapter, you can hold any G-limb models on your regular vice.

Adapter attachement

This attachment is required to connect the Trans-radial and Trans-tibial model to the universal vice adapter.

Used by many P&O schools in Japanand around the world

P&O schools
 In Japan〕
・Kobe College of Medial Welfare ( P&O program )
・Seibugakuen Medicine Technology College ( P&O program )
・Niigata University of Health and Welfare( P&O program )
​・University of Human Arts and Sciences ( P&O program )
・Tamura Prosthetics Co., Ltd. (Niigata)
University of Strathclyde, UK ( P&O program )
University of Salford, UK ( P&O program )
Sophies Minde Ortopedi AS, NOR ( P&O program )
Mobility India, IN


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